Why Did My TikTok Followers Go Down? {Detailed Guide}

Let’s acquire the numbers first so we can grasp the underlying dynamics. By 2021, 69% of all teens on TikTok will be regular users; over a third of them will have followed at least 10 other users in the previous month, with fewer than 1% of them following them back. It’s clear that the issue isn’t with following other creators, but rather with them not following you back. It’s also often assumed that your profile’s new followers will continue to remain loyal to you indefinitely once they’ve signed up to do so. Again, a few weeks have passed, and you’re wondering why it is that I’m losing TikTok fans and know why did my tiktok followers go down. Let’s tally up the justifications now on why did my tiktok followers go down.

  • Perhaps at first, you were fortunate enough to be paired with individuals who share your ideas or who are already acquainted with you and are thus eager to follow you.
  • The nature or tone of your films has changed, and as a result, at least some of your previous viewers have lost interest.
  • TikTok’s automated system has begun deleting accounts that seem to be bots.
  • Users are no longer adding your videos to their For You playlists.
  • You have ceased your use of social media platforms like TikTok.
  • Inadvertently, one of your films has insulted a person, group, or ideology.
  • People may stop following you if they conclude you are either false or deceased.

The Real Reason TikTok is Deleting my Followers

If you suddenly find yourself losing a lot of TikTok followers in 2022 and why did i lose 100 followers on tiktok, it will almost certainly be due to the TikTok algorithm. There are several explanations, according to whattdw.com’s professionals. TikTok profiles may be reviewed by an updated algorithm, which might lead to the suspension of potential fraudsters and false accounts.

In reality, accounts that have thousands of followers but no content are likely to be deleted due to suspicious activity. With more and more producers opting to purchase followers on TikTok on why did i lose 100 followers on tiktok, the platform’s algorithm has begun to prioritize accounts with high-quality, fully-completed profiles and regular, engaging content. When TikTok flags a user’s account as suspicious, they risk losing more than just their followers.

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How Can You Prevent The Loss of Your Current Audience?

New artists frequently contemplate the idea of acquiring followers for their TikTok accounts and why did i lose 100 followers on tiktok despite the fact that this is not encouraged. If you’re one of them, you should verify the authenticity of the followers you’re considering purchasing. A human-run account will have a distinct username, a complete bio, and regular posting activity.

Followers Leaving TikTok Due to Inappropriate Videos

Your TikTok following may be dwindling because of adjustments you’ve made to the material you’ve been posting. You may learn a lot about your audience and how they interact with your content by using TikTok Analytics on why did i lose 100 followers on tiktok.

To begin, which days of the week seem to bring you the most attention? (views, likes, comments, etc.). Take a look at how consistently you’ve posted over the course of a month. Do you tend to post on the same days, or do you sometimes upload on different days without much thought on why did i lose tiktok followers?

In the previous week, how many videos have you posted? How does this vary from the amount of posts made on days when the account gained the most new followers? Maintaining focus on your topic and developing a consistent tone in your postings is also crucial. For this reason understand why did i lose tiktok followers, some of the most watched producers will release a POV video one day and a Q&A video or a livestream the next.

However, making the transition from video games and anime to gardening and DIY is far more difficult than converting from home cooking to sports and yoga. To avoid having your TikTok following dwindle, think about making some adjustments to the material you provide. It’s not a secret formula on why did i lose tiktok followers; every influential person understands what makes their followers enthusiastic. If you don’t want to lose fans, don’t make sudden changes.

Your TikTok Videos Aren’t Doing So Well

Like fame on other social media platforms, TikTok popularity is short-lived and why did i lose all my followers on tiktok. The “losing TikTok followers” problem affects at least nine out of ten new creators on the platform.

It’s possible that the above-mentioned factors aren’t the only ones at play here, and that the TikTok algorithm is simply reaching a point where the “novelty effect” is no longer at play. When a new video is uploaded, the algorithm prioritizes showing it to certain users based on their preferences for similar material. This is particularly true for newly created channels. When a video gets enough likes on TikTok and why did i lose all my followers on tiktok, it is promoted to the For You tab (the app’s home screen) so that more people may watch and comment on it.

While this free and natural marketing is great, it might backfire if your films get a poor reception and the algorithm chooses to hide them. There is a high likelihood that the creator may get disheartened, leading to a decline in their TikTok popularity among their fans.

Keeping videos popular on TikTok is a difficult problem to solve why did i lose all my followers on tiktok. In fact, you should add relevant hashtags, tag individuals, and stay to a timetable in addition to doing an in-depth investigation into why the videos are no longer appearing on the For You page.

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There Will be a Significant Drop in TikTok Users After a Period of Inactivity

The ever-increasing popularity of TikTok means that its users may expect ever-increasing levels of activity on the site. Despite the fact that some TikTok producers post as much as 20 movies per day (yes, we have people doing this), creators often burn out after initially producing 10 films per day.

According to a survey by whattdw.com, maintaining a consistent rate of content upload is challenging due to rising competition within the niche and the unpredictable nature of the TikTok algorithm preferring one video over another. For this reason, a formerly active creator may see a significant decline in their profile’s following if they abruptly cease posting or upload very little material for many months. If a TikToker suddenly stopped posting videos, why would you bother to keep up with them on why did i lose all my followers on tiktok?

To What Extent Can Idleness Cause You to Lose TikTok Followers?

If you are struggling to maintain a regular posting schedule, scheduled upload and advanced planning of material may help. It’s better to publish videos occasionally and consistently (even if it’s only once a week) than to post every day and then disappear for weeks.

Followings Lost Due to Inappropriate or Fraudulent Content on TikTok

TikTok users have been known to unfollow their favorite creators after humiliating themselves in some way, such as by revealing a phony profile or by being provocative or outright cruel to their audience. There have been several cases of bogus celebrity accounts fooling even TikTok. Like the verified Kendall Jenner account that was later deleted once it was discovered to be phony and why did my tiktok followers go down.


However, maintaining a fan page is not a violation of the TikTok TOS on why did my tiktok followers go down. When the app determines that the creator’s motivation for making one with the celebrity’s name on it is dishonest, it takes action. Million-subscriber TikTok stars are just as acquainted with the cancel culture as the rest of us. One of the people who faced widespread criticism and unfollowing was Zoe Laverne, who joked about cheating on her partner and then went ahead and did it. Or for making false allegations of abuse and having an inappropriate connection with a child. The lesson here is to avoid being judgmental and insulting while taking credit where it is due. Be honest about the fact that you’re maintaining a fan account in the bio if you do so.

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