Uninstall ES File Explorer {Ultimate Guide}

ES File Explorer serves as the most famous application and is in use by a huge number of people all over the world. The explorer permits you to properly manage all your programs and files on Android devices and also allows you to share files among phones, desktops, remote Bluetooth, and Mac. It includes every feature of file management that one could expect from a file manager and it doesn’t end here. It also has cloud storage that seems compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and various others. An easy-to-use mobile application that includes much more features as compared to various other apps. But, due to advanced techniques, you might think about how to uninstall es file explorer.

Es file explorer is the most famous file explorer in the Android system for a long time, but things change in a few seconds, and this app has been replaced by much better alternatives. In this article, you would learn about how to remove the es file explorer or how to restore the files from the es file explorer. If you face a problem in uninstalling the es file explorer from your system, here are some methods that you could try to get rid of the app entirely. It is possible to restore the data from es file explorer only when you don’t use it for further storage. Let’s quickly dive into the entire information.

Uninstall es file explorer

To get rid of es file explorer from your system, you are required to follow certain instructions. Moreover, you could install es file explorer alternatives if you don’t wish to keep es file explorer on your device. Let’s quickly dive into the steps about how to remove es file explorer from your device.

  • Firstly, go to the home screen of your device.
  • Now, head toward the settings on your device.
  • Select apps, then select es file explorer and then tap over uninstall.

Alternatives of Es File Explorer

Now, let’s learn about various alternatives of es file explorer that could be much more beneficial to your device.

1. Solid Explorer

Solid explorer might not be as good as es file explorer but could be a worthwhile alternative to it. You would admire its easy-to-use and beautiful material design UI over solid explorer as compared to the complicated interface of es file explorer. It possesses various essential features of es file explorer such as recycle bin, cloud support, root explorer, network sharing, compressed file support, and many others. After knowing how to remove es file explorer from the device, you can try out its alternatives.

2. Files by Google

If you are in search of a simple file manager without any hassle then files by Google could be a recommendation in place of es file explorer. Moreover, it could be a point to uninstall es file explorer as files by Google possess various new features that could be great for every Android device. Via this, you could easily clean storage from various unnecessary files in a few seconds. Moreover, it automatically categorizes every video, image, and document.

How to delete files from es file explorer?

Various es file explorer users search for ways how to delete files from es file explorer. But, just before answering about how to delete files let’s know a little bit about es file explorer. Es file explorer is a type of application that is specially designed to explore and manage files in your Android system. This famous application might possess various features like cloud storage integration, along with easy transfer of various files from the Android system to the Windows system with the root browser. Users of es file explorer get frustrated as they can’t search for a way to delete files with es file explorer, so here are easy steps to delete files.

  • Firstly, open up es file explorer.
  • Now, on the left scroll down and then click on tools.
  • After that, tap over shows hidden files, and enable it afterward.
  • Then click over local > download.
  • Once done with this, long press over a file that you wish to delete.
  • Choose multiple files if you wish to delete files with es file explorer.
  • Then, tap on the bin at the bottom and tap over ok.
  • Now, under the tools area, choose the recycle bin and tap on clear all.
  • Once done with this, tap on ok and exit es file manager.

These are some of the easy steps that you need to require to know about how to delete files from es file explorer which makes it easy deletion.

Restoration of deleted files

You might wonder whether it is possible to restore deleted files with an es file explorer or not. Yes, you could easily fetch back erased files from es file explorer, but only when you have not used the app for more storage of information. It entirely means that if you don’t overwrite files with any new sort of data then there could be a chance to retrieve es file explorer how to delete files. Let’s dive into various ways of restoration of various files.

1. Through recycle bin

  • Ensure that the file explorer tab is enabled.
  • After the file explorer launch, head towards the tools tab and click on the recycle bin to go towards that page.
  • Here you could view every deleted file.
  • You just have to long press the desired file to choose.
  • Tap on the restore option and then confirm to recover the files from the es file explorer how to delete files.

2. Through the third party

If the above method doesn’t work due to the non-emphasis on the recycle bin option, then the only option left is to make use of a professional tool to retrieve lost files from es file explorer how to delete files. In this case, you just have to make use of android data recovery software, as this tool is usually taken in used to restore every lost file from your device without any sort of backup. Moreover, you could uninstall es file explorer if not in use.


These are the entire steps that tell about how to delete files from es file explorer that could make your device more updated.

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