Random Audio Files Playing on Android Phone Issue {Easy Fixes}

A problem that many Android users have encountered is that there phones may play music or other sounds at random. In certain cases, advertisements may play loudly without the user being given any indication on the phone as to the source of the sound or how to disable it. No visual ads show on screen, and the phone may be used normally during playback. After an antivirus check, the phone reports that it is safe to use. Some customers also report that uninstalling recently installed apps does not fix the problem. There have been several threads about this issue on different online forums, and owners of Android devices have offered forth a wide range of workarounds for random audio files playing on android phone based on their own personal experiences. Few potential answers are provided below:

Random Audio Files Playing on Android phone {Easy Fixes}

  1. Background music or sounds may be generated by any app installed on the phone, not only those found in the Google Play store. Get rid of this app right now.
  2. This is a problem with random audio files playing on android phone that is exacerbated by call and text message blocking software. The issue will likely disappear when you uninstall these programs.
  3. Users of the Android operating system have reported that removing the Pandora Music app from their devices has resolved the problem of random music being played.
  4. Clear up your phone’s cache and phone playing random audio by starting DU booster. It works well on the first try, no problems at all.
  5. In other cases, uninstalling and then reinstalling the Facebook program was all that was required to rectify the problem. It seemed that the Facebook app was always in the background, and removing the app ended the interruptions from random advertisements.
  6. A quick reboot is available. It’s a program that doesn’t need root privileges and will force quit and restart itself whenever possible. A lot of the time, audio just stops playing. What’s more, it details its operations in order to zero in on the root of the issue.
  7. If you want to rid yourself of bad vibes and random audio files playing on android phone, try using an app that helps you do so or doing some research on rituals that might help you do so. In certain cases, it was able to resolve the issue for the user.
  8. While investigating the issue of phone playing random audio, it was discovered that the smart pause/mute button was stuck in the “on” position for certain users. No matter what I did, it wouldn’t turn off. After getting in touch with the service providers and the organization, the issue was resolved by simply refreshing the sim card. After that, no more arbitrary music will play in the background.
  9. Check out Android on Google’s search history page. Some people’s app: “Draw” shows up more often than they really use it. When random sounds are being played in the phone, the app will display “Used.” Getting rid of this program is the solution.
  10. In addition to the Draw app for phone playing random audio, you should investigate any other instances when programs on your phone are being launched but never used.
  11. The MAX Security software and random audio playing on my computer, which is meant to prevent aware / malware and viruses, may be responsible for the irrational playing of sounds on mobile devices. Remove all app data before uninstalling.

Clear Your Browser History and Reconnect to the Internet

The issue of random audios playing on the phones is solved by disabling Chrome’s background processing, since the advertising running in the background are very certainly to blame.

Adware and malware for phone playing random audio that uses speech or music to promote products is not novel. It is probable that you have installed a malicious plug-in if you hear audio adverts when using a browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome, or if you hear random commercials playing in the background without any active window or browser. A rootkit or other malware is usually to blame when audio adverts, speech ads, or audio commercials play even if you’re not using a browser.

Ads that play in the background or random audio playing on my computer must be removed in a certain way. Malware and adware of this sort provide difficult identification and removal challenges. Important! Since anti-rootkit software may alter your hard drive, partition table, and master boot record in the course of cleaning your computer, it is imperative that you create a backup of all of your data before attempting to remove a rootkit.

Additionally, it is possible that a browser add-on for random audio ads, extension, plug-in, or BHO is to blame for the audio advertising and page reroutes. This removal guide was made to assist you in getting rid of malware that plays audio ads. Take according the instructions given. Have fun and be safe when using the Internet!

Promotional Music Playing in The Background [Away Instructions]

Random audio ads in the Background Removal Guide utilizes entirely no cost techniques that should successfully rid your PC of any virus.

You should know that it’s not easy to get rid of malware and adware, therefore before you begin the procedure, it’s highly recommended that you make a backup of all your important data.

  • First, Clean Your Software List of Dangerous Applications FOR random audio ads.
  • Secondly, search your system using AdwCleaner for random audio playing on my computer to get rid of any adware that may be responsible for the Audio advertising.
  • Scan with the Junkware Removal Tool to eliminate ads and other malware.
  • The fourth step is to scan for malicious software with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
  • Fifth, check your system using HitmanPro to get rid of any leftover spyware or adware.
  • In order to get rid of the Audio advertising, you should scan using HitmanPro.

HitmanPro for random audio ads may be downloaded from the following locations and saved to your computer’s desktop:

Simply double-click HitmanPro for android audio ads playing in background removal to launch it, or switch to Force Breach if you’re having trouble getting it to launch.

In order to launch HitmanPro in Force Breach mode for android audio ads playing in background removal, double-clicking the program while holding the left CTRL-key will cause all unnecessary processes, including malware processes, to be killed.

HitmanPro will launch android audio ads playing in background removal, and you can start a system scan by clicking the Next button and following the on-screen instructions. Upon activation, the software will initiate a system scan. Usually, the scan won’t take more than a few of minutes. When prompted, choose Free License Activation.


The infections for random audio files playing on android phone will be removed after you click the following button. It would be wise to preserve and regularly use some of the tools we employed in our malware cleanup tutorials. If you’re looking for a robust anti-malware program, go no further than Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. It’s free forever, but there’s a one-time cost for continuous security. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is an excellent supplement to your standard virusscanner since the license is life-time and you just need to purchase it once.

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