How To Full-screen Pokemon Insurgence? {3 Methods}

Pokemon Insurgence is a type of game created by pokemon fans and is played by a huge number of users. The game is well-known among pokemon fans due to its stunning features that provide a great gaming experience to every gamer. But, Pokemon Insurgence users face issues with screen size and are in search of a way to make pokemon insurgence full-screen. Certain users have gone with varying methods to make the game full-screen but the methods don’t work. So, read on to know about how to make pokemon insurgence full screen, as it is not difficult to do so. You just have to follow some easy steps to fully screen the game on your desktop.

How to make pokemon insurgence full screen

Pokemon Insurgence serves a great game and if you desire to play the game you could easily download and install it on your computer. But, to play the game in full screen, you require to follow certain steps. There are simple three methods that you need to follow to make pokemon insurgence full screen. Let’s quickly dive into the methods.

Method 1

  • Firstly, go to your desktop.
  • Now, tap on the Window key + R or enter Run in the windows search bar.
  • Then, enter Regedit.
  • After entering this, a pop-up window would come, tap Yes.
  • Search for the game’s name under the software tab.
  • Click the tab to make certain changes.
  • Then, restart the game and enjoy Pokemon Insurgence full-screen mode.

Method 2

  • Firstly, open up the game.
  • Now, press Ctrl + Enter.
  • After doing this, select for desired resolution.
  • Now, restart the game and enjoy playing.

Method 3

  • Go to the settings tab.
  • Now, select the display tab.
  • Then, select full screen from the given options list.
  • Tap on apply and then click OK.

How to play pokemon insurgence full screen

Now, you might think about how to play Pokemon Insurgence full screen on your iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices. Pokemon Insurgence is an entirely new pokemon adventurous game that is usually set in the Torren region and provides fun and joy to every user.

The game provides tremendous features for users to have fun with the game as the game depicts new stories and regions. Moreover, you could explore varying types of delta in the game and you could even chat with your friends online.

There is even a new pokemon option where you could make use of your choice pokemon, along with varying items that could be collected in the game. Enjoy the game on varying devices in pokemon insurgence full-screen mode which could make it more exciting. Let’s dive into how to play pokemon insurgence full screen.

On Windows

If you desire to download pokemon insurgence on your Windows, you could download it from the official website. Over the website, you could search for an area where you could find a download for Windows button. After that, you could click over the download button to bring the game to your Windows desktop and to know how to full screen pokemon insurgence.

On Mac

If you desire to download the game on your Mac, make sure that your device properly meets certain requirements:-

  • It should possess basic knowledge of how to use terminals.
  • The device must have a proper internet connection.
  • Installation almost takes 30-60 minutes.

If the system can cope with these requirements, you can easily download the game over your Mac and could know about how to make Pokemon Insurgence full screen.

On Android

If you desire to download the Pokemon Insurgence game on Android, you need to visit its download page on and you could easily download it from the official website. You need to download the game from the official website as the game is not available on the google play store.

Pokemon insurgence features

Several aspects of Pokemon Insurgence are there to enhance your time in the Pokemon universe. Whether you’re a casual or fiercely competitive player, Insurgence has something for you! These features resemble how to full-screen pokemon insurgence.

1. A new story and region

An interesting and captivating storyline is taking place in the brand-new region of Torren. Will you be the region’s salvation, or will cults take over everything?

2. Delta species

The familiar and beloved Pokemon are now found in a brand-new variation in a different setting.

3. New mega evolutions

The discovery of new mega stones will result in the emergence of mega forms that were previously undiscovered. Collect them all!

4. Online Features

To find the ideal team, trade with friends and strangers online. Then, go to your friend’s secret base and try to capture their flag.

Witness various other pokemon insurgence change controls or features that could make the game more enjoyable. Let’s quickly dive into certain more pokemon insurgence change controls features for a more fun experience.

  • Handcrafted Depending on your playstyle, there are easy, normal, and hard difficulty levels.
  • Multiple task types, including Nuzlocke Mode, Solo Run, Iron Man, Randomizer, and many others!
  • Create a unique look for your character by changing their attire, haircut, cap, backpack, etc.
  • Catch every Pokemon from Kanto through Kalos, up to and including the sixth generation.
  • Build and personalize your hidden base! Create challenges and hurdles for other gamers to encounter!
  • For both old and new Pokemon, there have never before existed Mega Evolutions.
  • New kind of hero: A Pokemon’s defenses are strengthened by armor, which doesn’t require activation.
  • You no longer require Pokemon in your party with learned HMs! To use HMs without having the moves, use HM items.
  • A lengthy endgame with a lot of missions to finish and places to see.


So, by these steps, you could easily know how to make pokemon insurgence full screen. And, if certain methods don’t work for you, try out another method and restart the computer after every change. F1 pressing would permit you to change and acts as pokemon insurgence change controls. The game is worth playing as it is very interesting and would allow you to gain information on how to full screen pokemon insurgence and to make it more interesting.

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