How to Delete Lyft Ride History? {6 Simple Steps}

How Can I Remove My Past Lyft Rides Instantly? In what ways may you remove past Lyft rides from your account? Wondering how to remove your Lyft history? If you’re anything like me, you’d rather not have anybody with unauthorized access to your Lyft trip history find out where you’ve been. Lyft provides many safeguards to ensure that your ride records remain private. We’re in luck since the necessary steps are easy to implement can you delete lyft ride history. How can I remove my Lyft history and delete ride history lyft? Using the ‘Ride history’ menu item in the Lyft app, you can see a comprehensive record of all of your journeys going all the way back to the beginning of 2014. Ride history is where you can do things like export your receipts, seek a pricing review, or report misplaced products. After a ride’s payment has been finalized, or no later than 24 hours after the trip ends and how to delete ride history on lyft, Lyft will send you a receipt via email.

Lyft’s ‘Ride history’ page is where you’ll find the option to export your ride receipts. In the upper right corner of the iOS app is the ‘Export’ option, whereas on Android it is the ‘Download’ button and can you delete lyft ride history. Select the rides you want to export, and then click the export button. A “Ride Report,” including a receipt for each ride you choose, will be sent to you as soon as you make your ride selections.

Lyft: How to Clear Your Trip History

Specifically, you should do the following: I’d want to clear my LYFT history, but I’m not sure how to accomplish so. Following these procedures will allow you to remove all records of your Lyft trips and can you delete lyft ride history:

How Can I Effectively Flush My Lyft Cache?

Here’s the lowdown on what you really need to know can you delete lyft ride history: The Lyft Driver app’s cache may be cleared by starting your device, navigating to the app’s storage, and tapping the Clear cache option. To get the same result on an Android smartphone, just do the following: Follow these instructions carefully on can you delete lyft ride history:

  • A weekly reset of your device is recommended to delete ride history lyft.
  • Anywhere you’d want to delete the Lyft Driver app, you can do so via the Apps section of the Settings menu.
  • A cache may be cleared by selecting clean cache in the storage menu.
  • If you erase the data and then clear the cache, the aforementioned won’t function.

May I See My Lyft Rides Online?

Your past rides with Lyft may be seen in detail via a convenient web tool. Your Lyft ride history may be seen by selecting the “Ride History” option in the app’s upper left corner, inputting your Lyft account number and password, how to delete lyft ride history and tapping the “Hit Rides” button. Also, your whole journey log is accessible in rides taken. Time, place, and details like who drove you and where you went are recorded for each journey.

When I Use Lyft, How Can I Remove My History?

To clear your ride log, open the Lyft app and choose “Your Trips.” Past journeys may be seen in detail for your perusal to delete ride history lyft. To remove a trip, choose it from the list and click the “Delete this trip” link that appears at the bottom right.

How can I remove an email address from my LYFT account? If you are wondering how to delete ride history on lyft, you’ll have to use Lyft’s website to get in touch with them and ask them to remove your Lyft address. You can find their contact information, including their phone number, on their website or in their app.

Is It Possible To Order A Lyft For Someone Else?

In a word, yes, that is the answer. To do so, open the Lyft app, go to the desired user’s profile, and tap the “Request ride” button on how to delete ride history on lyft. Find out who is now trying to hitch a ride with that driver. If you can’t find them on the way, you’ll have to walk them there before you can ask for a ride.

Lyft has a rideshare tracking feature and how to delete lyft ride history, accessible after signing in, as part of its ridesharing service. If you go to the app and tap “Journey History” without being signed in, you will be able to see the information about your ride. If you choose a specific day for your journey, you’ll be able to see details like the time of day it will begin, the driver’s name, the fare, and the length of time it will last on how to remove ride history on lyft.

Lyft provides passengers with both email and SMS notifications on how to remove ride history on lyft. To get text messages, open the app’s ‘Messages’ menu and turn on the ‘Text Message Alerts’ button. From the ‘Settings’ tab, choose the email address to which you’d want to have notifications sent.

How Can I keep My Lyft Trip A Secret?

If you are wondering how to delete lyft ride history, methods to pay for your Lyft journey. One option is to utilize the Lyft app’s “Hide my Ride” function. It will let you to choose a window of time during which your journey won’t be visible to other passengers. The “Share My Ride” section of our website allows you to send an anonymous email with your ride’s information to a friend or loved one, who may then share it on to others if they like.


After a successful Lyft trip on how to delete lyft ride history, the app will prompt you to rate and review your driver. Give them a rating between 1 and 5 on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. You may also share your thoughts about your driver, whether positive or negative. If you delete your Lyft account, all credits or rewards you have will be forfeited. You will not only be unable to use the Lyft app and how to remove ride history on lyft, but also the Lyft website.

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