Why Does Your Airpod Keep Beeping? 4 Easy Fixes

Without a doubt, Apple’s AirPods are one of the company’s most well-known offerings. By relieving individuals of the hassle of constantly untangling cables, they have made life a lot simpler. This, however, does not imply that they are faultless and that’s why you are wondering why does my airpod keep beeping. Many people have mentioned how annoying the beeping is. AirPods make a noise when the battery is low, water enters the device, there is a problem with the circuit, or there is a difficulty with pairing because of which ipad beeps when charging. Read on for the root of the issue and its remedy.

My AirPods won’t stop beeping: Reasons

The following is an explanation for the aforementioned AirPod beeping scenarios.

1. Warning: Low Battery

When you are wondering why does my airpod keep beeping, it’s usually because the battery is dying. This battery problem accounts for about 90% of all cases of annoying beeping. You shouldn’t worry if this is the cause, but you should still take the warning seriously. If you continue to use the AirPods despite the warnings, they will eventually switch off and cause you much more trouble. Unfortunately, the AirPods and ipad beeps when charging and their charging case don’t always get along. For this reason, the AirPods won’t charge correctly. As a result, they begin beeping to draw your attention to the problem.

Problems arise when moisture is present and the gadget continues to sound after being completely charged. Picture this: you’re out for a jog in the park when suddenly it begins to pour. Another possibility is that you were tricked with a water bottle by a sibling or friend. Moisture may enter the AirPods in any of these situations. Despite the fact that you could be delighted with either scenario at first, you will eventually have to “face the music” when your AirPods begin to beep incessantly may be that is why is my airpod beeping after getting wet.

2. The Device Could Not Be Paired

AirPods will sound an alarm if the pairing process is unsuccessful. Along with the commotion, some illumination will be visible to you. Although not uncommon, this issue has a simple solution. Why does my airpod keep beeping? The beeping will stop after you reconnect the pods.

3. Problems with the AirPods’ Internal Compressor

There is a circuit in the AirPods’ electrical system. AirPods will sound an alarm if they encounter any difficulties. The most common causes of circuit failure are accidental dropping to the ground and the introduction of moisture. All of these explain why your gadget keeps beeping at you. You need to know how to stop your AirPods from constantly beeping immediately and find the solution for ipad beeps when charging.

Solution to the AirPods’ Constant Beeping (Solved)

If you are wondering why does my airpod keep beeping, when fully charged, most cases will cease beeping after being opened. Even if your AirPods have stopped beeping, you should be ready for therapy.

Option 1

If the AirPods are fully charged or iphone beeps when charging yet continue to make a beeping sound, it is likely an indication that it is attempting to establish a connection with a device but is repeatedly failing to do so. To resolve this, do what is outlined below:

  • To Access Preferences
  • Select Airpods from the Bluetooth menu.
  • After that, choose “forget the device” from the menu.
  • To finish, take out your AirPods and place them back in their case.
  • Hold off for around twenty seconds, and then try again.
  • Then, push the case’s setup button until an amber light flashes, followed by a white light.
  • Then, bring it close to your iOS smartphone and comply with the on-screen prompts. Your AirPods should now be silent, right?

Anyone who has ever wondered, “Why do my AirPods constantly beeping?” and can you make your airpod case beep. It’s been suggested that you attempt this approach. Hopefully, the issue may be fixed by reestablishing the Bluetooth connection. If this doesn’t accomplish the trick, go on to Plan B.

Option 2

If you are thinking why is my airpod beeping after getting wet, the chirping may also be silenced by:

  • In the configuration menu, choose “Accessibility.”
  • The “Physical and Motor” menu item will be present. To access the AirPods menu, go there.
  • Navigate to the “Sound Accessibility” submenu next.
  • The next step is to adjust the ambient noise.
  • The beeping may be turned off by dragging the volume bar all the way to the left.

If steps one and two don’t provide results for iphone beeps when charging, go on to step three.

Option 3

Moisture or humidity might cause the AirPods to continue beeping for the reasons mentioned above. Even if you don’t think they’ve been wet, your AirPods may have come into touch with water, causing unwanted sounds. If your AirPods become wet or iphone beeps when charging, you need to act quickly to avoid damaging the internal components.

How to dry AirPods:

  • Sprinkle some dry rice into a container with a lid or a zipper.
  • Insert the AirPods. Water will be absorbed by the rice. However, you will need to charge your AirPods for a number of hours.
  • Are you trying to avoid using rice? Fear not, because there is still another approach.
  • Put your damp AirPods on a piece of dry cardboard.
  • Additionally, ensure that it is dry and somewhat warm.

Unfortunately, the circuit may be irreparably damaged by direct heat, which some people attempt to use nevertheless. Therefore, cardboard is best stored in a well-ventilated area throughout the day.

In case you are wondering why is my airpod beeping after getting wet, to prevent the AirPods from losing power while you’re away, remember to return them to their case every few hours. Then, press and hold the reset button located on the bottom of the device. Test if the AirPods are still beeping after connecting them to a computer or mobile device. Is that the case, then you should probably get some new ones.

Option 4

Whenever the charging case develops a problem, a replacement with a more advanced model is required. Currently, the wireless charging case for can you make your airpod case beep is the most popular option since it is more convenient.

One of my AirPods is beeping, but the other one isn’t. It’s a sign of a short battery life when just one AirPod (or neither) begins beeping. To save power for the second AirPod, one will beep and power off automatically. Putting them in the case and charging them will solve the issue.

The AirPods I have started beeping; may I get a new set?

If your AirPods stop working after 90 days, can you make your airpod case beep and you may return them to Apple and get a whole new set. Remember to include your charging case, too; it has a serial number printed on it. You will not get a replacement if the beeping problem was caused by misuse (such as the pods being dropped into water) or by any other factor not included in the warranty policy.


In conclusion, AirPods make noise when their charge is low, they lose connection, water enters them, or a circuit failure arises. Typically, a low battery is the blame for this annoying chirping. Therefore, this issue may be resolved by fully charging the AirPods. We’ve laid down a few options in case none of them work, can you make your airpod case beep including resetting the device, letting the AirPods dry up, and adjusting the accessibility settings.

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